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If you haven’t been able to keep up with all of the great music that’s come out in the last few weeks, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Our list of recent adds includes new music from Brandon Rhyder, and many more!  Subscribe to our TMP Spotify playlist and keep up with all of the great new Texas Country, Southern Americana, and Red Dirt music! 


Brandon Rhyder ft. Lori McKenna – They Need Each Other

John Moreland – Big Bad Luv (New Album) 2 Tracks

Shane Smith and the Saints – New Orleans

Jason Eady –Jason Eady (New Album) – 4 Tracks

Deryl Dodd – Long Hard Ride (New Album) – 3 Tracks

Bruce Robison – Bruce Robison  & the Back Porch Band (New Album) 2 Tracks

Dalton Domino – Corners (New Album) – 3 Tracks

Jake Worthington – Hell of a Highway (New EP) 3 Tracks

Troy Cartwright – Somebody Else’s Problem

Robyn Ludwick – This Tall to Ride (New Album) 2 Tracks

Wynn Williams – Word Fly (New EP) – 3 Tracks

Justin Kemp Band –My 2 Cents (New Album) 2 Tracks

Tori Martin – Tori Martin (New EP) 1 Tracks

Darrin Morris Band – Where Will I Be

Jason Lee McKinney – Southern (New EP) 1 Track

Steven James & the Jaded – Dance With Me Tonight

Julia Hatfield –Hopeless Romantic (New Album) – 2 Tracks

Sarah Hobbs – Texas Made

Jeremy Parsons – Things I Need to Say (New Album) 4 Tracks

Jon Stork – In Your Radio (New Album) 1 Track

Jake Pyeatt – Stay


****Not Texas/Red Dirt but too good not put on our playlist

Colter Wall – Colter Wall (New Album) 1 Track

Chris Stapleton – From a room: Volume 1 (New Album) 2 Tracks


Check out all of these great songs and more on our TMP Spotify Playlist:



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