Texas Music Pickers Awards



Wow!  We had just about 10,000 votes casted in total!  Our winners were chosen by our 3 judges and the voters!  The voter’s points majorly contributed in every category, with some even outright deciding the winner!  We want to thank everyone that voted, and for supporting Texas Music!  We think very highly of all of the nominees, and thank them for providing us with some exciting races!   

It’s fantastic to have so many great acts that started the year with less than 15,000 FB likes that are from Texas, currently live in Texas, or play a large percentage of their shows in Texas to chose from for these awards!

New-Comer of the Year

Blue Water Highway Band

This category was easily the hardest for our judges.  In fact, the final judge’s voting on this category wasn’t even finished until about an hour ago!

The Blue Water Highway Band took us by storm this year!  Their album, “Things We Carry” is solid from start to finish, and packs a unique punch of folk, country, and Americana.  The lead singer, Zack Kibodeaux, has some killer vocals, and the energy their music brings doesn’t let you sit still! 2015 single, “Medicine Man” had a great run on the charts this year, and they were one of the most talked about acts of Musisfest in Steamboat a few weeks ago! 

Their fanbase came in really strong for them in the voting and they make a great choice for this year’s New Comer of the Year!!

Blue Water Highway Band -34 Points *Voter’s Choice 

Shotgun Rider – 33 Points **Voters broke the tie-breaker between 2nd and 3rd

Parker McCollum -33 Points *Judges Choice


EP of the Year


Shotgun Rider – Shotgun Rider EP

These guys are good!  I don’t remember the last time we came across a group that seemed so naturally poised for radio airwaves.  Their catchy hooks, powerful songwriting, and smooth vocals really make them stand out, and their debut EP is packed full of great examples.  Their social media grew by leaps and bounds this year, and we’re super excited to hear their next record; set for release in just a few weeks!  Hop on the bandwagon now, these guys will be big and grab a copy of their EP!

Shotgun Rider – EP – 38 Points *Voter’s Choice

Josh Grider – 37 Points *Judge’s Choice

Prophets and Outlaws – 32 Points

Female Vocalist of the Year


Courtney Patton

Courtney Patton released a fantastic record, “So this is Life”, this year and showcased once again her raw, natural talent.  Her songwriting captures her audience and the smoothness of her vocals carries every lyric.  Her voice is powerful, yet elegant, and puts the perfect amount of emotion behind every note!  A great songwriter, a great person, and a great singer!

Courtney Patton – 39 Points – *Voters Choice

Jamie Lin Wilson – 37 Points *Judge’s Choice

Natalie Rose – 32 Points

Male Vocalist of the Year

Jake Worthington


You obviously don’t come in 2nd place on The Voice, if you’re not a fantastic vocalist, and the voters sure agreed!  Worthington received the most amount of votes out of anyone in any category, and had twice the amount of 2nd place in this category.  He just released his debut, self-titled EP, and the lead single is making impact on the Texas charts this week!  We’re big fans of both the EP and the single, and are expecting big things out of this young man in 2016!  There’s no doubt about it, this guy can sing!! Here’s to a great start, for a long career!

Jake Worthington – 33 Points *Voters Choice **Voters broke the tie-breaker between 1st and 2nd

Josh Grider – 33 Points *Judges Choice

Zack Kibodeaux (Blue Water Highway Band) – 32 Points

Single of the Year


Statesboro Revue – “Undone”

The Statesboro Revue had a great 2016!  Their album “Jukehouse Revival” was one of the best records we came across this year, with their lead single “Undone” dominating Texas airwaves!  The single was the #22 song on the Texas Music Chart’s Top 100 songs of 2015 and our voter’s #1 choice with a 50 vote margin!  The exciting part is, we don’t even think that this is the best single on the record; so we’re expecting even more success in 2016!

Statesboro Revue – Undone – 38 Points * Voters Pick **Voters broke the tie-breaker between 1st and 2nd

Adam Hood – Way too Long – 38 Points *Judge’s Choice

Mario Flores – Love’s Done Got Me – 32 Points

Album of the Year


Mike and the Moonpies – Mockingbird

Mike and the Moonpies’ “Mockingbird” is a great album from start to finish!  It’s classic country with a modern touch, and couldn’t be executed any better!  The songwriting is honest, and skilled, with the music and production providing the perfect background for each story.  These guys put on a great show, and if you’re a fan of true country, this is an album you need to get in your collection! Get it in your life and thank us later!

Mike and the Moonpies – Smoke’em if You Got’em – 40 Points *Judge’s Pick

Shane Smith and the Saints – Geronimo – 38 Points

Blue Water Highway Band – Things We Carry –  34 Points – *Voters Choice

Entertainer of the Year

Shane Smith and the Saints

These guys made a lot of noise this year!  They released their highly anticipated sophomore album “Geronimo”, which received rave reviews fan and industry wide! The album’s lead single, “All I See is You” is currently racing up the charts, and they played just about every major festival in Texas!  Smith’s vocals and songwriting are both captivating and soulful! They unquestionably put on one of the best shows in the scene, and are some of the nicest guys in the business!  It’s hard to believe how fast they have grown without major radio play this year, which speaks volumes about how powerful their fan’s word of mouth is.  These guys are the real deal, and definitely deserve this award this year!  The voters agree, the judges agree; Shane Smith and the Saints are this year’s Entertainer of the Year

Shane Smith and the Saints – 40 Points *Judge’s Pick *Voter’s Pick

Statesboro Revue – 36 Points

Mario Flores – 32 Points

Last Year’s Winners


Artist of the Year Winner:  Sam Riggs

new Sam color 4Sam Riggs has had an outstanding 2014! He went from a kid who had potential to one of the fastest growing acts in the scene this year! His first single “Angola’s Lament” landed inside the Top 5 on the Texas Music Chart and “Hold On and Let Go” is currently at #7. Both songs also made the Texas Music Charts Top 100 songs of 2014 with “Angola’s Lament at #10 and “Hold On and Let Go” at #38. Sam was featured on Texas Music Scene TV, Lone Star Roads TV, Outdoor Troubadours and has opened from some biggest acts in the business this year: Gary Allan, Eli Young, Randy Rogers, and Cody Johnson just to name a few. What a great 12 months for Texas Music Pickers’ Artist of the Year!  Check out the his latest single below!

1st Place:  Sam Riggs – Judge’s Points: 18 + Fan Points: 7 = 25 Points

2nd Place:  Aubrey Lynn England – Judge’s Points: 18  + Fan Points: 6 = 24 Points

3rd Place:  Mike Ryan – Judge’s Points: 19 Points + Fan Points: 4 = 23 Points


Album of the Year Winner:  John Slaughter – Meet in the Middle


“Meet in the Middle” is John’s Slaughter’s sophomore album and is solid from top to bottom.  It features the #1 hit “Ghost Town”, and was Texas Music Charts #11 song of 2014!  The current single “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” has already reached the Top 10 and was Texas Music Chart’s #40 song of 2014!  Charting the first two releases of an album inside the Top 40 songs of the year, it a pretty damn good start!  Check out the current single below!

1st Place: John Slaughter – Meet in the Middle  – Judge’s Points: 19 + Fan Points:6 = 25 Points

2nd Place:  Midnight River Choir – Fresh Air – Judge’s Points:  16 + Fan Points:  7 = 23 Points *Fan vote acted as tie breaker between 2nd and 3rd 

3rd Place:  Mike Ryan – Bad Reputation – Judge’s Point:  18 + Fan Points: 5 = 23 Points


Single of the Year Winner: Mike Ryan – “Dancing All Around It”


Mike Ryan has become one of the fastest rising stars in the Texas Music Scene and it’s in large part to this single.  “Dancing All Around It”  hit #1 on both charts and stayed in the Top 100 for half of the year!  It was definitely one of the biggest songs of 2014 and a great choice for Single of the Year!  Check it out below!

1st Place:  Mike Ryan – “Dancing All Around It” – Judge’s Points: 19 + Fan Points: 7 = 26 Points

2nd Place:  Adam Hood – “Trying to Write a Love Song” – Judge’s Points: 19 + Fan Points: 6 = 25 Points

3rd Place: Cameran Nelson – “35 Runs Both Ways”:  Judge’s Points:  16 +  Fan Points: 5  = 21 Points



Newcomer of the Year Winner:  Zach Coffey


Zach Coffey’s debut single, “I Love You Anyway” went all the way up to #8 earlier this year and he already has another one, “Comin’ Back Around”, inside the Top 50( an climbing)!  Having your very first radio release land inside the Top 10 and following it up with a 2nd release landing once again inside the Top 50, makes this guy a great choice for Newcomer of the Year!  Check out not only Zach’s first single, but also the first song he ever wrote, “I love You Anyway”, below!

1st Place: Zach Coffey – Judge’s Points: 18 + Fan Points: 6 = 24 Points *Fan vote acted as tie-breaker between 1st and 2nd 

2nd Place:  Shane Smith and the Saints – Judge’s Points: 19 + Fan Points: 5 -= 24 Points

3rd Place: Dolly Shine:  Judge’s Points 16 + Fan Points: 7  = 23 Points


Rising Star Winner: Matt Caldwell




Matt has had 2 Top 20 singles this year (Mexico #19 & Drink Another #16) and had the #77 song “What Cowboys Do” on Texas Music Charts Top 100 songs of 2013!  Matt’s current single “I’d Like to Know” is at #39 on the Texas Music Chart and he has been featured on various media outlets including Texas Troubadour TV and Texas Music Charts’ Cluttered Corner.  He is truly a rising star in the Texas Music Scene!  Check out his current single below!


1st Place:  Matt Caldwell – Judge’s Points: 29 + Fan Points: 10 = 39 Total Points

2nd Place:  Bubba Westly – Judge’s Points: 25 + Fan Point:s 11  = 36 Points  *Fan vote acted as tie-breaker between 2nd and 3rd. 

3rd Place:  Jake Ward – Judge’s Points:  27 Points + Fan Points 9:  = 36 Points