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If you’re wondering how to submit your stuff for our spotlights, playlists or reviews, here’s the breakdown of how it all works:


  • While it is becoming harder to define, we write about music in the Texas and Red Dirt scene. Most of the music we write about fits in to the following genres: Country, Americana, Folk, Roots, Southern Rock, and blues. If your music doesn’t sound similar to the music on the Texas Regional Radio Report, we’re probably not the place for it.
  • We generally only feature artists that are from, currently reside, or play a large portion of your shows in Texas and/or Oklahoma.
  • 99% of the music we write about is brand new or soon to be released. A single doesn’t have to be recently recorded, it just needs to be currently being promoted.
  • Our mission is to help Texas and Red Dirt fans discover new music; so we mainly write about and feature up-and-comers. We try to keep an 80/20 balance between established acts and up-and-comers. We define an up-and-comer as someone who has less that 2K Spotify Followers.
  • We like to direct our followers to our featured artist’s music; meaning if your material isn’t available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify etc…it may result in us not featuring your content.
  • We like to direct our followers to our featured artist’s social media and website; meaning if you don’t have social media platforms and/or a band website if my result in us not featuring your content.
  • Please do not email us submissions – this is the best place to submit your music. I promise it will get seen and heard here.

Here are the places we feature content:

Texas Music Events Calendar:  This calendar is for upcoming music announcements for artists and music related to the Texas/Red Dirt Scene only.  If the music has already been released, or not related to the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene it is not eligible for a submission.  Here’s a place to post the announcement and information on your upcoming music release that’s not subject to algorithms, stays in chronological order, is free and will be seen by thousands of Texas/Red Dirt fans! More info can be found here:

Texas Music Pickers Playlist:  Each month we put together a list of our favorite songs from the last 30 days.  These songs from all types of Texas artists and not necessarily radio singles.  The playlist will feature the most music by far, so if you’re looking for the best bet on how to get your music featured on our page, this is it!

Texas Music Spotify ChartMore info can be found here

Album, EP, Single, and Video Spotlights:  We generally do 1-2 spotlights a month and focus on things that have either just been released, or haven’t been released yet.  We get tons of submissions for this each month, so the three of us sit down and decide which 1 or 2 we will do that week.  (Album reviews are the by far the most time-consuming thing we do, and the 3 of us all have full-time jobs as well, so right now it’s hard to do more than 2 a month.)  Our Album Spotlight feature is by far the most selective, due to the amount of submissions we get, versus what we have the ability to do.  Please submit albums 2-3 weeks in advance of the release. 

News: Please submit any news directly to

Everything Else:  If your submission doesn’t fall in to any of these categories, that’s ok; still send it!  We’ll listen to it and who knows what we might do with it…..We create lists and stories  and always need music for these as well!


We do not take submissions for Single Spotlights and Artist Spotlights.


Email address:


We really prefer to receive the tracks digitally, but if you need to mail us you music please send it to the following address:

1715 11th Street

Huntsville, TX 77340



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  1. Good morning…I have read and understand your priority in advancing homegrown Texas/Oklahoma artists. I reside in Canada. A multi-Juno Award winner said he liked my song. I watched a male friend tear up after hearing ‘Country Girl’ aka ‘Light the Lantern’. I’ve never been to Oklahoma but I’ve fished Lake Fork for bass and rode my ’73 Triumph motorcycle across your fine state from Florida to Dallas, down to the border and on to LA…both trips many years ago. ‘Country Girl’ is not Nashville mainstream. It has been described as traditional with a pop edge. I have never played in a band but am told my song may have merit. Would you give it a listen? May I e-mail you an mp3?…thank-you, Bill…my website is not relevant to music but it may help to introduce me…

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