Some Interesting Data Trends from 2017

I was reviewing our Google Analytic Data from 2017, and came across some trends I thought might be interesting to share.

We had 112,638 users this year, which is an increase of 55.56% from last year’s 72,370.  “Users” are considered by Google Analytics to be the amount of individual people that logged an unique session (visited our website), regardless of if it was once or a hundred times, from Jan 1st-Dec 31st.

What’s interesting is where a big portion of that growth came from.


Outside Interest

The amount of users from Texas grew by 50% (+25K) and users from Oklahoma by 119% (+2.6K), however, in relation to the amount of Total Users that logged a session this year, Texas & Oklahoma users only made up 68.9%, which is down from last year’s 70.4%.  So even though we added nearly 30K new users from the region, it actually accounted for less of this year’s growth than last years! 

Of the 40K more users this year, nearly a 1/3rd of that growth came from outside Texas and Oklahoma.


Out of Region States in the Top 5:

3.  California (2,744 Users)(+75%)

4.  Missouri (1,872 Users)(+101%)

5.  Illinois (1,780 Users) (+59%)

Full Report: Analytics All Web Site Data 2017 Regions


Out of Region Cities in the Top 30

9.  Chicago (1,285 Users) (+74%)

12.  Atlanta (841 Users) (+101%)

13.  Nashville (804 Users) (+24%)

16.  Kansas City (648 Users) (+241%)

19.  New York (615 Users) (+48%)

20.  New Orleans (613 Users) (+58%)

21.  Denver (609 Users) (+160%)

23.  Los Angeles (574 Users) (+8%)

27.  San Francisco (497 Users) (+87%)

28.  Washington (489 Users) (+109%)

Full Report: Analytics All Web Site Data 2017 Cities


We had 5,000 users from Outside of the United States this year, which is almost 1,000 more than last year!


2. United Kingdom (962 Users) (+52%)

3. Canada (535 Users) (+47%)

4.  Germany (313 Users) (-16%)

5.  Australia (208 Users) (+90%)

Full Report: Analytics All Web Site Data 2017 Countries


We firmly believe that our growth from outside the region, and country, is a direct reflection of the growing interest in our music scene! 


Social Media

Even though we added 6K Facebook likes this year, and had many more shares on our content, it only accounted for less than 5K of our 40K more users.  That’s only 12% of the user increase. Significant, but not major. 

We added 2,800 Twitter Followers this year, and had a 3,200 user increase (+108% from last year) from the platform to our website.  That’s 8% of the user increase.

We have 30,294 followers on Facebook (53%), Twitter (15%), and Instagram (31%) and they referred 39%, 5.5%, and 1.5% of our total users from all sources (direct, search results, social media, etc…).  That’s a -15%, +1%, and +.3%  difference from last year.  Facebook brought in 83% of all social media traffic (users originating from a social media platform), which is a 7% decrease from last year’s 90%.  Twitter accounted for 13% of our social media originating users which is up 70% from last year’s 7.8%.   So even though we gained significantly more Facebook likes, than twitter followers, Twitter gave us a much better ratio of new followers to new users on our website. And here’s the KICKER, we didn’t spend a dime on Twitter, but did on Facebook!  Twitter’s return has stayed pretty consistent over the years, so this shows us that Facebook’s impact is diminishing compared to other platforms, even though it’s still bringing in more total users.  Even more substantial is if you compare December of this year with January, Facebook only brought in 70% of all social media originating users, compared to 89% in January.  That’s a pretty eye-opening difference.

 While Facebook is still the leading referer of traffic out of the social media platforms to our website, Twitter is gaining on it (especially if you’re not spending money to boost posts), and will probably make a pretty big jump this upcoming year; as Facebook continues to limit posts, and more people invest their time in Twitter instead of Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is still Top Dog for referral traffic, and probably will be for a little while, but it is losing ground quickly. 

*We gained 4,500 followers on Instagram, which is about a 48% gain, and it led to 1K user increase (+87%) of referrals from the platform. Instagram is of course pretty insignificant as far as referral traffic goes, because the only way to get people outside of the platform is to get them to click the link your bio; and that’ll always be an uphill battle. Great social platform; not so good at getting people outside of it.  It makes up 31% of our social media followers, but less than 3% of our social media website traffic; meaning if you’re looking for a platform to direct users outside of the platform (Spotify, YouTube, Email List) to subsidize the dropping effectiveness of Facebook, this isn’t the platform.

In 2016 social media referred 60% (44K) of total website users, but in 2017 it only drove 46% (53K).  So for the first time, the majority of our users came from non-social media sources. Total Users brought by social media only grew by 15%, but organic searches (Google, Bing, etc..), and direct (which includes email marketing) both grew by over 100%. Of our 40K more users this year, 79% of that growth came from sources other than social media….

So what does this all tell you? You need to be in search engine results, and finding a way to reach your fans by something besides Facebook, and social media in general, will absolutely give you an advantage over the people who are going to solely rely on it.  You have some time, and social media will always be a significant factor, but you need to find something that will fill in the gap as it’s impact (Facebook in particular) continues to drop. 

If you’re game planning for your future ability to direct people to your website, Spotify, iTunes, etc… then I would start focusing on acquiring email addresses and Twitter followers now, unless you plan on shelling out money for Facebook.  I’d also make sure my search results were plentiful, and favorable. 

Full Report: Analytics All Web Site Data Social Media Breakdown 2017


Just thought we’d share.  Knowledge is power!  Here’s to a great 2018!

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