Album Spotlight: Aubrie Lynn – Get Lost With You

alA debut EP is always an exciting event.  It’s an exciting opportunity for fans to hear a catalogue of an artist’s skill set for the first time and it’s an exciting opportunity for an artist to showcase their ability to impress people through a variety of songs.  When we were suggested Aubrie Lynn’s single “Get Lost with You” for our Texas Music Breakthrough, we took a listen and immediately fell in love with her voice and charismatic style.  We we’re impressed by the way her vocals just seemed to glide along the track so effortlessly, yet so composed and driven.  When we heard she had a debut EP coming out, we knew we had to get our hands on it and see what she had.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed.

As the music for “Carolina Rain” started, it brought a feeling of comfort, yet excitement.   The fiddle sawed and Lynn’s voice struck the track.  Immediately the strong vocals came through and a smile came to my face.  I loved the easiness, the simplicity, and grace in which the song was coming together.   I took me to a tin-roof on farm in a thunderstorm; while it may appear to be dark and gloomy on the outside, there was also a sense of calm that the storm would eventually settle inside; much like the journey of heartbreak the song tells.  The song ended and I took another drink of my Saturday morning coffee, as I eagerly anticipated what the rest of the EP had in store.al1

“Get Lost with You” was the next song on the list and as it came on, my wife shouted from the kitchen “turn it up, I like this one!” (we’ve played it a few times around the house).  The song cohesively carries on the easiness and elegance of the first track and changes the mood to one of young love.  The song is catchy, the music compliments the vocals, and the harmonies are on par!  We’re really hoping to hear this one of the radio waves soon!

Lynn continues to sing about love, heartbreak, and the complexity of young relationships in the next two songs “Good Enough Isn’t Love” and “Lie to Me”.  Both tracks have outstanding vocals and we love how everything fits together collectively.  One thing new artists seem to struggle with is making a record that seems like a collection of songs, rather than a bunch of tracks thrown together.  We feel the title track and theme “Get Lost with You” fits perfectly and Lynn does a great job of taking her listeners through a journey rather than a scavenger hunt.

*Pick of the album*

al4Why Do I” was the last track on my set of files, and what we feel is the best song on the EP.  The track boasts the best music on the track, as you can feel the scorn in the haunting fiddle licks.  You can’t help but sing along to the “why do I, why do IIIIIIIIII, ….” each time the chorus plays and the attitude in Lynn’s vocals matches the tone of the track perfectly.  The concept is very relatable and we feel it’s the most complete track on the EP.

Overall, we’re happy with the way the EP turned out.  For a debut record, it does just what it should: showcase the artist’s talents.  We’re looking forward to seeing Lynn progress, as she takes the first major step in her musical career.  Keep an eye out for Aubrie Lynn!

Check out her single “Get Lost With You” below!






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Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.
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